Cast Greg Radcliff - The Veteran Gregory Radcliff wanted to be a Marine from the moment he first saw a recruiter. He went on to serve in the Marines for 4 years with combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. After a brief time out of the Marines he knew he still had to serve and ended up enlisting with the Army. During training in North Carolina, he met Adam through a mutual friend and being Veterans and West Virginia natives they quickly became friends.
Pearl Scott - Caroline Pearl is currently a SPC in Army stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. She was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, studied in Bloomington, and received her Bachelors from Indiana University. There she performed in various plays, musical performances, and short films.
David Schifter - Capt. James Dixon David Schifter is a former reporter turned actor. He is has numerous awards including three Emmy nominations and the coveted Emmy itself. In 2001 he founded Hollywood East Casting, a principals and extras casting company based in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. Today, David focuses solely on acting. We are honored to have David as part of our cast. Welcome aboard David.
 Bushante Haggard - Dereck Bushante has been around the military for some time working with and for the Navy and Army. He is eager to dive into this pivotal role. Please welcome him with warm hearts and open arms.